Tuesday, January 4, 2011

To Do 2011.....

Sunflower quilt - to bind

For the first time in several years I am going to make some "New Years Resolutions".  I've been following Mary Lou and her Cheaper than Therapy Quilting blog for almost a year now and continue to be inspired by her.  Not only does she inspire me to quilt, but her devotional messages inspire my soul.  So thanks to her inspiration I have decided to 1-create a blog, and 2-participate in Judy at Patchwork Times UFO challenge 2011.  I'm hoping that with Mary Lou's continued inspiration and Judy's challenge to finish my projects that 2011 will be a productive year!

jellyroll - still planning

Pretzel party - connect the pretzels

So here is my "To Do" list.....

1. Bind "Kentucky" quilt
2. Bind "Sunflower" quilt
3. "Pretzel Party"
4. "Civil War Crossings"
5. country wall hanging - finish quilting
6. wedding ring table runner - quilt
7. Shelley's quilt
8. Dutch girl quilt for Leann
9. "Morning Glory"
10.  Amy's wedding quilt
11 & 12.  Jellyroll "2 from 1"

civil war crossings

This is quite an ambitious list for me, and maybe I'll complete them and maybe I won't.  Whether or not I will accomplish something (or at least make some progress), only time will tell but I'm definitely looking forward to the challenge ahead :-D


  1. The pretzel party is great! I can't wait to see what some of your other items look like.

  2. You have blown me away, little missy!!! :-D How awesome -- and I can't wait for the blogworld to see some of your gorgeous projects! Beware, though...blogging is like quilting -- quite, quite addictive!! LOL Thank you for the kind words and encouragement, too! It's so very sweet to know that whoever you touch with this blog (and I know it will be many!!), I had a little part in it! Thanks so much for the blessings!
    Mary Lou

  3. #7 Is of great interest to me... my t-shirt quilt??

  4. Leslie, so glad you are finding the time to do this. You are such a wonderful mother and you inspire me with all you do! I love the quilts you have posted and I love your blog name.