Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It' groundhog day!!!!!

UFO #6

Well it's groundhog day, and I'm feeling a bit like Bill Murray. The past couple of weeks seem like part of a wild dream. I joined the UFO challenge as a way to motivate myself to finish all of these projects I've got laying around the house(literally), but instead I seem to have even more projects popping up. So far for the month of January I was to complete a table runner, but instead I've crocheted baby hats, agreed to crochet a baby afghan (with matching hat), quilt a t-shirt quilt, and make aprons for a girl's bakery when they vendor!

apron fabric

Needless to say my UFO project for January did not get 100% finished, but it did get some much needed attention.  The deadline was 1/31, but I'm going to give it until the end of the week.  My work schedule is nice in that every 3rd weekend I work Sat and Sun, which then gives me the rest of the week off (woo hoo!! 7 days off in a row).  It's like being on vacation every third week!  So I have dubbed these "vacation" weeks as crafting weeks.  Hopefully this week I can catch back up and even finish a project (or two)!!!

0But alas, besides these projects there are of course all the little nuances that pop up called life. Things like my dad's 18 year old truck getting stolen right out of his driveway. That thing was like a part of the family. So, when it was found completely torched we almost feel as though we needed to have a funeral. Then of course with 3 kiddos if 1 gets sick odds are there will be more sickness to follow (they are so very good at sharing the good stuff like flu and strep germs)! Poor planning on my part...can you say grocery store, first of the month, during a winter weather advisory.  Good times for all.  And don't even get me started on this weather! At first it was nice and pretty, but know it's just annoying. With a 4 month old you kinda feel like a prisoner in your own home because you don't want to expose them to the harsh temperatures, rain/snow, gusting winter winds, or germs of all shapes and sizes!!!

baby afghan

But, with all the craziness aside I have even more to be thankful for everyday. Another self issued challenge is to read my Bible thru from cover to cover.  My dear, sweet husband got me an iPod for Christmas to which I can down load music, games, and all kids of apps.  While browsing the app store at the beginning of January I found a Bible reader app, and since it was free had no reason not to download it to my iPod.  I don't get to read as much as it recommends everyday, but what I do get to read has proven to be very encouraging and uplifting.  So here's hoping ol' Puxatawny Phil is right and spring will make an early arrival. Just can't wait to see what will "hatch" next!?!?!?


  1. You have some seriously cool projects going!! I love the apron fabric! Who knew!?! LOL My UFO didn't meet deadline either -- but hopefully today is the day. #10 is February's number...I only have some machine applique to complete on it. Whoo-hoo!! Keep at in, Vacation-Girl! You'll get-r-done, for sure!
    Mary Lou

  2. I'm gonna have to start calling you super are you doing what you do right now anyway with 3 little ones??? It makes me so happy to see someone young like you interested is so many things that I was also interested in at your age!!!! Do you also can in the summer?
    Loving the blog... Paula

  3. Yes Paula, I can can (hahaha). Last summer I canned homemade salse from tomatoes and peppers from our garden, and I also canned peaches and made jelly from the skins. If you've never tried peach jelly you are missing out. With 3 little ones why do you think I have projects scattered around my house? I have something in every room so when they are playing with their toys, I can play with mine!