Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Finally, some progress.....

Yea!  I'm so excited to finally have some completed projects around my house.  Some of these I didn't think would ever get completed, but persistence has finally paid off. 

T-shirt quilt to be quilted - check
Baby afghan with matching hat - check
Apron for local bakery owner to wear to events - check
Sunflower quilt bound (thanks to Debbie)- check

pay no attention to that woman behind the apron :-D

It feels so good to be able to check things off a to do list.  I think the added pressure of most of these projects being for others and not myself got to me a bit.  When it's something for myself, no big deal it doesn't have to be picture perfect.  Proof of this is easy to see in the sunflower quilt.  This quilt by far has been then largest project I've attempted.  I was so proud of myself, until I took it to Paula's Quilt Pantry to be bound only to find (as I was showing it off) that I'd missed the center of one of the sunflowers when I was quilting!  ( I seem to remember reading somewhere that "perfect" quilts were bad luck)  Needless to say, we had a good laugh over it.  But if that had been something I was doing for someone else....I think I would have croaked.

empty sunflower :-/
Looking froward to March it will definitely be full of "madness".  We have 3 dance competitions (one of which will include an overnight stay), my husband's birthday, my Granny Betty's 90th birthday party, and my sister Amy and daughter Katelyn have birthdays the first of April.  Not to mention all the other UFO's that need some attention.  So in a couple of weeks we'll start dancing and partying every weekend, but for now I will bask in some laziness before the next round begins!

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  1. You have really been busy!!! I love all the projects. I gave away a baby quilt a few years ago that had three balls in each block. I forgot to quilt 2 of the balls until the mom told me, I had no clue. The afghan is beautiful and love the apron. You are a GREAT mom.