Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Wow, what a crazy couple of weeks it has been.  Got my taxes paid (with only a couple of days to spare), survived annual inventory at work, and hosted an Easter egg hunt for Hannah's class.  The egg hunt was awesome.  We had 300+ eggs scattered in our yard along with 3 huge (football-basketball size) prize eggs.  Now we intentionally let the mowing go an extra couple of days to help with the hiding, but I was slightly embarrassed when I saw a little girl pick up a prize egg that was completely hidden in a extra tall patch of grass.  Should also be fun to see just how many dandelions pop up in the coming weeks, thanks to all the kiddos scattering those puff seeds!

Kentucky Quilt - UFO #2

edge before squaring
On the quilting front, I got my Kentucky quilt back from Miss Debbie, and she did a fabulous job binding it for me.  I also made some head way on what I'm calling my "rehab" quilt (simply because in was in desperate need of a little TLC).  The edges were so off kilter that I had to employ my husband and his lazor level to straighten them out.  After adding a couple sashing rounds it still is quite wonky in the middle, but I'm hoping to eventually quilt it into complete submission.

The "Rehab" quilt

Have I mentioned my baby is turning 6 in just over a week?  And graduating from kindergarten in 4 weeks? It just doesn't seem possible.  But I must say, she does have some very interesting things coming up with school.  One of which involves this old pair of retired jeans and yarn.  I'll leave you guessing for now, and only hope the finished product looks as good as I'm imagining!! (here's an extra hint - I need to buy some brown fleece to complete the project)

school project


  1. The KY quilt is beautiful. I have had a few quilts that were out of kilter and puffed. You might have to pleat in a few places in the middle.
    Sounds like the egg hunt was fun!!You sure get alot done not working as much!!

  2. Everything looks so good! I love the borders on the KY quilt -- and I love how you'll quilt the rehab "into submission!" LOL I have a machine quilting video that addresses "problem quilts" (figured I would need it! :-D) if you wanna borrow it. You can "quilt that out" is one of my favorite sayings! :-D
    Mary Lou