Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Catching up!

Wow, I cannot believe that April is already half gone!  March was super busy and just seem to drag on and on, but I've gotten a break this month and time is simply flying.  No fair, but I guess such is life.  Even though April maybe a little slower paced, it is not with out some noteable highlights....

Happy Birthday Katelyn!

My little girl turned 3!  I just cannot believe that Kate is so big already.  She has brought me loads of fun, and even brought quilting into my life.  While pregnant with her my mom's friend Leona convinced my mom she needed to take a quilting class who convinced me I needed to join her.  I was able to learn enough to complete my first quilt just days before she was to be born, and I was lucky enough to have my Granny Alice and her sister Jewel quilt it for me/her.

Kate's crib quilt
UFO Challenge update:

I'm beginning to think this challenge for me should be "how to stay focused".  Each month a number is drawn out of a hat, and the corresponding quilt is to be my project for the month.  For whatever reason I'm having a very hard time with this.  When the number for January was drawn, I sighed because that just wasn't what I wanted to work on at that time.  So, I gave the project a half hearted go and ended up not finishing what should have been a very simple project.  Two quilts on my list only needed to be bound, but again I just wasn't into it and ended up paying Ms. Debbie to bind them for me (totally cheating I know).  Now that we are half way through April, I have resolved myself to just finish something!
Project Linus - Boy

While going through my sewing closet I came across a large stack of flannel squares that I had cut last year to make a fringe quilt for Project Linus.  This is a fabulous organization, and there is a local chapter of "blanketeers" at my favorite quilt shop (Paula's Quilting Pantry).  Knowing that this was an easy project to complete, and that it was for a great cause this became my April project (it wasn't even on my list).  In fact I had enough squares already to cut to complete 2 blankets.  Just goes to show that you never know what you will find in the back of a closet!!!

Project Linus - girl


  1. Awesome progress, Leslie! And it ISN'T cheating to figure out that you don't have the time and find someone to help!! :-D When it comes to the challenge, I say let the spirit of the UFO challenge urge you on, but don't let it rule you. If you don't wanna work on that project, it'll be there in a month when you do. Just keep plugging along!
    I'm soooo glad you took that first quilting class! Happy Birthday, Katelyn!
    Mary Lou

  2. Tell Kate Happy Birthday for me!!!! Give her 3 kisses. Love her cake. Thanks for the advertising.