Monday, March 21, 2011

"just say NO...."

I survived!!!  So glad to be home after a weekend away at my daughter's final dance competition.  What is it about being away for a few days that makes being home so much sweeter?  My girls were so excited at the start of the weekend with the idea of going away, getting to ride in an elevator, and playing with friends.  Of course, by the time we got there Katelyn was ready to go home after one trip up the elevator! 

My Beautiful Dancer!

This leads me to ask the question, "why is it so hard to 'just say no'?".  I always find it awkward to tell the sales clerk at the register in the mall "no thanks" when they ask for either my phone number, email address or zip code.  Seriously, who needs anymore junk mail (real or virtual).  Or when your child's dance teacher asks if your daughter can join a travelling dance team because she thinks she is a good dancer.  Or when a co-worker asks could you please cover a shift for them.  Or when your Grandmother asks if you want some chocolate pie (bring on the drawstring pants).  Or when coming accross some pretty fabric, a new pattern book, or the coolest new gadgit/gizmo.  And, of course, who can resist buying fictional novels about quilting at a going out of business sale?

New books!!  Love the name of the far right pattern book.

Sometimes it's just easier to say "ok" I guess.  I find that when I say "no" the other person looks at me as if I need to give a big explanation as to why not (especially the young girl behind the register who does not know how to proceed without the afore mentioned info).  Since beginning the UFO challege I have acquired more projects than I have finished.  In fact the only 2 projects that have been completed thus far were completed by someone else (thanks again to Debbie for binding my quilts)!  So while for the moment I stand resolved to never again get myself into the perdiciment called "March Madness" again, I also know that it is best to "never say never".

UFO update:

My Granny Alice brought over the quilt below a couple of weeks ago because she needed a "little help".   This quilt had been started by a friend of hers that had passed away a few years back, and she thouhgt she could finish it herself.  I was pulled in because she could not figure out what size squares she needed to cut to finish the 9-patches and solid blocks.  Out come the rulers, and once the sizes are determined I am asked to go ahead and cut them out from the fabric she just happened to bring with her.  "OK", I say, "but it will be tomorrow".  "No problem", Grany replies.  The next day, "Granny, I got your pieces ready to go."  Then Granny says, "Well why don't you just finish it, I don't think I can".  Can you say "sucker" :-D.    

New UFO I was suckered into completing

in bad need of some TLC

As you can see from the picture below, not much progress was made on March's UFO.  Normally it would be no big deal, I mean it's a UFO and it's been sitting around for a while already, what's a few more weeks/months/years?  Except this is the quilt I intend to give my baby sister as a wedding gift.  Good thing the wedding isn't until October!

March UFO - safe and sound

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  1. I don't see how you do what you do!! Maybe you can slow down the rest of the month and do what YOU want to do....
    See you soon